Oriental motifs for decoration

Perhaps for those religions that characterize so spiritual, the cultures of Asia tend to be linked to a world of peace, order and harmony . In fact, this view of life not only affects the customs and lifestyle of its inhabitants but to be cast into the decor of their homes.

If you are someone who admires the oriental decor and would like to take ideas, inspiring you to decorate your home in style do not miss our article because we tell you some of the motifs that get you closer to more.

Although it is undeniable the existence of very different cultures, customs and even decorative styles in the second largest continent in the world, the truth is that the cultures of East Asia in which we rely for this article tend to move in the same style . These are some of the elements that can inspire your decor :

– Landscaping East : Japanese gardens, houses and Chinese temples and other Asian landscape reasons are the stars of the pictures of this inspiration, whether through paintings, sheets of imitation painting posters or large photographs.

– Nature : Plants are one of the reasons that best identify the style in your home, be represented on boards or vinyl in your walls or used in a much more authentic by the plants. Bamboo, China roses, bonsai or oriental lilies are some of them.

– Writing : A single Chinese character can have a complete meaning. Perhaps this or their original forms that make it one of the most popular reasons for interior decoration: the pictures are in, vinyl and even on the surfaces of all kinds of textiles.

– Traditional household items : The screens, sliding doors or furniture low are some other items that are most basic to the decor.

From that basis we recommend a palette of colors quite natural scenery inspired by traditional Asian (creams, tans, greens, etc..), use furniture and simple straight lines and use as many natural materials for decoration as possible.